One of the ones that you likely to come across is

Your Guide to the Different Types of IBM Certifications

Do you want to grow your IT career? You may discover that to do that, you have to be certified. The right certification can raise your annual salary by as much as $5500 a year. That a great return on investment.

As you start to explore IT certifications, you find that there are hundreds of IT certifications. Some certifications will be better than others. One of the ones that you likely to come across is through IBM.

IBM has been one of the pioneers of the computing industry, and IBM certifications carry a lot of weight when you applying for jobs. Of course, you discover that there are dozens of different certifications that you can get.

The Types of IBM Certifications

The way that IBM certifications are organized is that you have a particular topic and then a series of different certifications underneath that topic.

There are currently 13 different topics that IBM offers certifications for. Here are the areas where you can be certified:

## ## Data and AI

Collaboration and Social Business Internet of Things


Customer Engagement

Financial Services Solutions

These certifications are geared towards IT professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge in one or more of these topic areas.

IBM has gamified the world of certifications. You can earn badges with each certification. As you earn badges, you can add them to your LinkedIn profile or on your online resume.

Some topics have more opportunities to earn badges than others. Right now, there are 9 badges for blockchain, but several hundred for systems.

The exam fee is usually between $100 $200. Again, it depends on the certification. If you fail the exam, you can take is again at any time. However, if you fail a second time, you have to wait at least a month before taking it a third time.

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